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Shrove Tuesday February 13, 2018

Dear Panther Families,

We will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday at St. Boniface on Tuesday, February 13th, with a special pancake day. All students will receive a pancake snack to enjoy prior to the beginning of our Lenten journey. Pancakes and syrup have been generously donated by P&H Milling (thanks Mrs. King!!) and your fabulous School Council.

To further support our ECO team and initiatives within the school, we are requesting that students bring their own cutlery and reusable plate from home. This will eliminate the need for paper, foam and plastic to be wasted.

If you are available to help out with pancake prep and distribution on the 13th, kindly call the office at 519-648-2832. We would appreciate it if you could bring your own flat cooking grill and spatula as well. Many thanks!

Looking forward to a fabulous Shrove Tuesday at St. Boniface School. Don’t forget, we are also celebrating Valentine’s Day on that day, so you may wish to pack an extra healthy lunch to combat the sugar of that day 😊

Blessings always,

Ms. Dawson


Marylin Dawson

Principal, St. Boniface School