Dear St Boniface family and friends,St. Boniface Logo

Let me start by saying “WE MISS YOU!!!” There is nothing that our staff would enjoy more than to be hearing about your March Break adventures, sharing stories of visits and family fun and continuing our learning journey together. Our hearts are missing a very important part right now – and that is YOU!

As you know, we will not be returning to our classrooms on April 6th as anticipated when we parted ways. Your classroom teacher will be reaching out to you in the next couple of days if she hasn’t already – to touch base and connect in whatever means available. We are gathering some information to determine the best possible next steps for learning as a board and as a province. We met virtually as a staff yesterday and everyone is working hard to gear up for continued Distance Learning opportunities. As you know, the Ministry has shared a Learn at Home resource and our board is offering STEAM learning days. Please have a look at these resources and use whatever you deem helpful in continuing your child’s learning journey.

As the Ministry, in conjunction with our board, continues to develop a plan for the days following April 6th we will update you and keep you informed. For now, this is new territory for all and we are approaching this with the spirit of “With God, all things are possible”.

I will provide another update on Wednesday of next week. Our faith, our hope in the Lord and our belief in the power of love will be great supports as we continue this journey. Your child can share with you the practice of Christian Meditation as a wonderful form of prayer and comfort. Take this time to reflect on your faith, connect more deeply as a family and seek the comfort of our ultimate Peace-Giver.

May God bless you always,
Marylin Dawson