Dear St Boniface family and friends,

Today is Holy Thursday and we enter the most holy of times within our Catholic faith. Under normal circumstances, we would gather as a school community to pray the Stations of the Cross at our St. Boniface Church. We would then end our day with prayer and a symbolic Breaking of the Bread ceremony. This gesture set the tone as we left the building, demonstrating our deep connection in faith and our togetherness in this Paschal mystery. This is, however, not normal circumstances, and our day looks very different. It is my sincere hope that we will all still join together as a school community to pray the Stations of the Cross virtually. Later this afternoon, another Lenten video will be shared by our FIAT team (Faith in Action) Our students still want to share their faith, still want to build community and still want to ensure we are all connected despite the distance between us. I am most grateful to Mrs. Becker for leading our students these past few weeks to create and share prayers from around Maryhill and Breslau. She is a true model of Christ in our world. When you see the video on Newswire or Twitter, please take the time to share as a family. Reflect and discuss your thoughts on the stations and how they impact our world today. There is much to be gained when sharing our faith – we build a trust, a union and a love that is deep, rich and true. May this Easter season bring you hope, joy and continued good health.

Blessings Always

Marylin Dawson