Thank you to those families that have already donated a raffle prize or items for the White Elephant Sale for Mission Day!

Our selection of prizes is starting to grow and we really appreciate your support for such worthy causes. If you are able to join us for Mission Day – don’t forget the big day is Friday, June 22, from 1:00pm until 3:00pm. Guests and extra little ones in your care are also welcome to attend this fun-filled event.

Tickets are .25 cents each.

For example, if your child chooses the face painting event, it will cost him/her one or two tickets. Tickets are available for  purchase on School Cash Online now!


We are also looking for volunteers to help with various activities. Please contact the school if you are able to help!



It would be greatly appreciated if you could send a baked good or cake to school on Thursday, June 21st with your child. Please remember our “Nut Free” policy. It would also be very helpful to send your item pre-cut in a disposable container ready for selling.


Please leave a note in your child’s agenda if you are able to donate some baked goods or a cake so we have an idea of what baked goods will be donated that day.


We hope to see you sharing in the fun!