Good morning family and friends,

Today begins our first full week of school, here at St Boniface.  We are excited to have all students together and ready to begin our year of learning together.  We will be busy gathering assessment data in order to plan for success for each and every learner here.  Your child will be challenged, celebrated and loved every step of the way.

Thank you for the work you have done in preparing your child to return to school.  Masks are a key component of our health and safety protocol and student are managing fabulously with that.  Please ensure your child has clean masks daily and a spare (or two) to keep with them during the day.  I am impressed with their understanding of the importance of hand washing and we will continue to reinforce that here at school as well.  We are working diligently here at school to follow the protocols that are in place. Practice will make these new routines much easier with each passing day.

I know it is difficult, but if your child exhibits ANY sign of Covid as listed on our board website ( then they MUST REMAIN HOME.  Perhaps they “only” have a sore throat, or seem a little warm … under “normal” circumstances, you may encourage them to “stick it out” in school.  This year is very different and even a small symptom could be a big problem.  We need YOUR HELP in ensuring a safe and healthy school community.  Together, we can help to prevent the spread.

Spirit wear will be back and available for ordering this week.  What a great way to connect and share in our pride! Order your child’s new St Boniface t-shirt, hoodie, hat or new 3/4 length tee this week.  Other items will be available too – I will send another newswire when the store is open.

Take good care!

Blessings Always,
Marylin Dawson

Principal St Boniface CES