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Family Tech Night – Tuesday May 8, 2018

Hello Panther Families and Friends!


Please add Tuesday, May 8th to your calendar and plan to attend our Family Tech Night at St. Boniface School! Your fabulous school council has planned an exciting evening designed to share and show off the technological skills your Panther has been working on. Presentations will be provided by WRPS on Internet Safety (a MUST for all parents today), as well as presentations on the use of Coding and Minecraft in the classroom. Your very own Panther students will also be there to show you what they have learned using lego robotics, stop motion video and 3D printers. What could be cooler than that?? Pizza – pizza could make it better! So we will be offering one slice of pizza and a drink to each family member in attendance. A pizza order form will be on school cash online shortly so we know how many people are coming.

Bring your own device and be prepared for a great evening. I will be there to hook you up with our Twitter Feed and Newswire as well 😊

Stay tuned for further details …

Marylin Dawson

Principal, St. Boniface School