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Boys’ Intermediate Volleyball

On Tuesday, November 28th, fifteen Intermediate boys participated in the Intermediate Boys’ Volleyball tournament which was held at St. David Catholic Secondary School in Waterloo. There, they competed against three other schools, including St. Clement, St. Mark, and St. Teresa (K). The team did an amazing job and the boys played extremely well! The boys just got better and better as the day went on, and enjoyed lots of long rallies. Our first set of games was played against St. Clement, but unfortunately, we lost the set. We then played against St. Mark, but were unsuccessful in claiming a win against them. We were then up against St. Teresa (K), and once again, the team fell short, and were unable to come out victorious. All the games were very exciting, and the boys demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, and an outstanding positive attitude. But, as the tournament ended early, the boys enjoyed about an hour of fun volleyball play, as the team from St. Teresa mixed in with our team, and played just for fun. The boys even got to practice some overhand serving! It was an excellent afternoon of volleyball. Congratulations to all fifteen boys – Matthew U., Alejandro L., Mitchell H., Owen B., John Patrick M., Julius M., Cameron R., Mason G., Justin F., Ryan W., Nathaniel M., Daeden S., Pablo S., Johnny Z., and River K. The boys did an excellent job of representing our school. St. Boniface is proud of you!


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