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Dear St Boniface family and friends,

I am reaching out again to connect in whatever means possible during these difficult days. As I am sure you have heard, school buildings will be closed until the first Monday of May. This news is both disappointing, and very necessary in the fight to control the spread of CoVid19. This is such an important undertaking and we all need to make a serious and concerted effort! Keeping our schools closed is our way to contribute to the change.

Thankfully, our faith is one of HOPE, and that is something strong, concrete and reliable for us to place our worries upon these days. God is always near. Even in the most dark or uncertain days, our Lord walks with us. I see evidence of God every day – He is in the budding plants as they poke through the soil from their winter sleep, He is in the song of the birds who seem to sing with joy in the spring morning sunshine, He is in the laughter I hear as my children hang out together, building relationships that are often taken forgranted He IS here – never doubt that! We are still preparing and sharing our prayer celebrations during Lent and leading up to the wonder of Easter – tune in to our Twitter @StBonifaceCES and check our school website often. I am immensely grateful to Mrs Becker who is still working with our Faith in Action student team to create and share these liturgies. THIS is what Catholic schools are all about!

I am sure you are wondering what the next couple of weeks will look like for your little student(s) at home. As we enter “Phase 2” of the ministry’s Distance Learning protocol, we will include Teacher-led Learning into our days. I know your teachers have reached out to families and have shared their platform for learning with you (ie. Google Classroom or D2L) Beginning Monday, teachers will lead learning in a more focused way with the students. Students in grades K-3 will be led in 5 hours of Teacher-Led Learning per week with a focus on Literacy and Mathematics. Students in grades 4-6 will also participate in Teacher-Led learning for 5 hours per week in Literacy and Mathematics, as well as Science and Social Studies. Students in Ms. Hayward’s class will be receiving 10 hours of Teacher-Led Learning with a focus on Math, Literacy, Science and Social Studies. All students will have learning in Religion as well. The materials provided will be accessible to your child and will be responded to by teacher feedback and guidance. As our partner in education, please continue to support your child’s learning in the various ways you have been up to now. Use the Ministry “Learn at Home” platform, our WCDSB website STEAM activities in addition to things you have found to “work” with your family dynamics. Collect items in your back yard and have your child – Google more about it – write a journal entry – imagine a story with that item and it’s magic power – take photos and create a media presentation – write an advertisement to “sell” that item etc. We know that this is not an easy time as you juggle work and home life and hopefully the Teacher-Led Learning process will assist.

Again, I wish to send my love, my care and my prayers for each and every one of you. I will write to you again, next Wednesday.

Blessings Always
Marylin Dawson