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Monday Update for Families

Good morning families.  As we begin our week together, I wanted to share some very important pieces of information:

  • In order to keep us all safe and healthy, we need all families to run through the CoVid screening tool daily.  You can find it here   If any member of your family gets a “Stay home from School” message, please keep all siblings home as well.  We will be sending all children home if they exhibit any of the signs and symptoms indicated by public health.  Many of us are working parents and know how difficult this can be, but we really do need everyone’s partnership in this.
  • School bus schedules might be a little off during construction and our new dismissal protocols.  Please ensure you are at the bus stop a few minutes early after school and be patient if the bus is a little later in the morning.
  • Please continue to remind your child to remain physically distanced during recess and lunch breaks.   These are times when we are “mask free” so maintaining the full 2 m distance is very important.

For some Good News messages

  • You may now order your Spirit Wear online at The password is Stboniface2020  Every Wednesday we will be wearing our spirit wear and playing our theme song as we enter.  Are you learning remotely?? No worries – you are still a big part of our family.  Take a picture of yourself rocking the spirit wear and share in the fun
  • This week the board will be opening the transition window to move back and forth between learning modalities.  If you wish to move into remote learning, or come back to face-to-face instruction, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.  It will open on the 24th and close on the 28th.  This is a LIMITED and non-negotiable timeframe, so watch newswire closely.
  • Our Catholic School Advisory Council will be having its first meeting tomorrow at 7pm.  Interested in joining school council??  Contact the office and join us tomorrow for our virtual meeting.

Thanks everyone – have a wonderful week!~

Marylin, Sue and the St Boniface staff


Get your St Boniface Spirit Wear NOW !!!

Exciting news everyone – our St Boniface Spirit Wear is back on sale!! We wear our spirit wear EVERY Wednesday so grab your warm and cozy wear now.  We have even added a retro 3/4 length sleeve shirt to our roster.  Even hats can be worn on spirit days soooooo your little Panther will be happy to have that.  Go to and enter the password Stboniface2020.  This store closes in ONE WEEK so act now to avoid disappointment.


First Full Week of School

Good morning family and friends,

Today begins our first full week of school, here at St Boniface.  We are excited to have all students together and ready to begin our year of learning together.  We will be busy gathering assessment data in order to plan for success for each and every learner here.  Your child will be challenged, celebrated and loved every step of the way.

Thank you for the work you have done in preparing your child to return to school.  Masks are a key component of our health and safety protocol and student are managing fabulously with that.  Please ensure your child has clean masks daily and a spare (or two) to keep with them during the day.  I am impressed with their understanding of the importance of hand washing and we will continue to reinforce that here at school as well.  We are working diligently here at school to follow the protocols that are in place. Practice will make these new routines much easier with each passing day.

I know it is difficult, but if your child exhibits ANY sign of Covid as listed on our board website ( then they MUST REMAIN HOME.  Perhaps they “only” have a sore throat, or seem a little warm … under “normal” circumstances, you may encourage them to “stick it out” in school.  This year is very different and even a small symptom could be a big problem.  We need YOUR HELP in ensuring a safe and healthy school community.  Together, we can help to prevent the spread.

Spirit wear will be back and available for ordering this week.  What a great way to connect and share in our pride! Order your child’s new St Boniface t-shirt, hoodie, hat or new 3/4 length tee this week.  Other items will be available too – I will send another newswire when the store is open.

Take good care!

Blessings Always,
Marylin Dawson

Principal St Boniface CES


GREAT first week!

Wow – that week zipped on by! I am so thankful to everyone – staff, students and YOU our families, who came together to make a new challenge so much easier to tackle.  The students are getting used to new routines and will be experts on the health and safety protocols in no time 🙂  Please work with your child this weekend to ensure they:

  1. know how to open and seal all of their lunch and snack items.  If the packaging is tricky, find an easier reusable container
  2. continue to practice social distancing and recognize the approximate distance they should be from another person.  This one is tricky so we all need extra practice
  3. become more and more comfortable wearing a mask as this is likely our new “normal” in Ontario
  4. wash hands frequently and properly

We will continue to practice these skills at school as well.  Together, we can make the most out of any situation 🙂

When you are driving down Maryhill Road, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!  We are crossing the street and we don’t want to worry about cars driving too quickly.  No need to hurry, we are all getting where we need to go 🙂


Take some time to relax and celebrate the beauty of God’s creation this weekend.

Marylin Dawson


September 2nd Update

Hello St Boniface Family and Friends,

I wanted to send a quick update as I am sure you are getting many mixed messages regarding your back to school timeline.  Our return to school schedule remains the same! It is:

Monday, September 7th – HOLIDAY

Tuesday, September 8th – JK Visits and Grade 1 and 2

Wednesday, September 9th – SK, Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4

Thursday, September 10th – JK students as scheduled, SK, Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Friday, September 11th – JK students as scheduled, SK, Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Monday, September 14th – ALL STUDENTS 🙂


On the first day, your child will meet their teacher on the yard in their designated areas.  Classroom teachers will be emailing you a picture of this location this week AND will be there on the first day to greet your child.  Students will be entering and exiting the school via designated areas which will also be clearly communicated to students  on their first day.  On rainy days, please come to school as close to bell as possible to avoid congestion at the entrances.

Students will be outside for large portions of the day.  Gym will be held outdoors whenever possible, so please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor times.  Send outerwear to keep them warm and dry during the changing fall weather.

Practice, practice, practice with your child around areas such as maintaining distance (especially during recess!) wearing and properly using your masks (send extras!), proper hygiene practices (washing and sanitizer) and opening their own snacks and bottles. Lunches will be Boomerang Lunch style meaning all garbage from lunches and snacks will go home daily.  A reusable water bottle is required as well.

You are encouraged to bring your own device for technology to avoid sharing.  There are many great deals on at local stores or you can check the board website for ideas too.  Otherwise, students will be sharing Chromebooks here and will be responsible for ensuring they are cleaned after use.

I know you are feeling anxious, but please know that your staff here, at St Boniface, is INCREDIBLE!  They have been working on your return all summer and, while we will likely still encounter challenges, they have worked hard to think through the process to ensure distance and safety.  I am so so PROUD of these staff members.  They are truly the BEST STAFF EVER!

We miss you and will see you next week

Marylin Dawson


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