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Parents Reaching Out Grant – Evening with Dr. Jenn, Founder of the Umbrella Project

Dear Panther Parents and Guardians,

Please plan to join us on Thursday, May 9th at 6pm for an informative and engaging evening with Dr. Jenn, the founder of the Umbrella Project.  As you know, our school has embraced the Umbrella Project and, thanks to the generous support of your Catholic School Advisory Council, we will be hosting an interactive evening so that you may learn more about how these skills and attributes will help your child to learn and grow. Ask your child about the many skills we have highlighted so far this year and visit the parent resource section of the website for more information.

We would love for ALL Panther families (and friends and community members) to attend so we will be providing babysitting IF needed.  This will allow for parents to fully engage in the learning.  Please feel free to invite your neighbours and friends, even if they don’t attend St. Boniface, as the messages Dr Jenn shares are truly helpful for everyone!  We will be collecting a donation for “Twoonies for Tuition” at the door.  This organization supports students in other provinces in Canada so that they may attend a Catholic School.  We are so fortunate in Ontario to have fully funded Catholic education, but other provinces are not so lucky.  Our board is committed to helping through donations and advocacy.  Our $2 donation will go to ensure many students have the opportunity to receive Catholic education. Since this event takes place during Catholic Education Week, this seems very appropriate.

Just complete the form that has been sent home with your child indicating your attendance and the number of guests you wish to bring so that we can provide pizza, light refreshments and ensure adequate seating.  You may also indicate if you require babysitting services.

We look forward to seeing everyone at 6pm on the 9th!

Blessings Always,

Marylin Dawson     and     Julie Kobe

Principal                           Chair of the Catholic School Advisory Council

Jump Rope for Heart – May 9th, 2019

St. Boniface LogoJump for Healthy Hearts!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our school has registered to participate in Heart & Stroke’s Jump Rope for Heart program on Thursday, May 9th. Supporting kids’ health for more than 35 years, Jump encourages students to active. It builds healthy habits, boosts school spirit, and teaches social responsibility as kids fundraise for life-saving heart and stroke research. Jump is kids helping kids!

This year, Jump Rope for Heart is striving to get 1 million students jumping in close to 4,000 schools across Canada.  Let’s all be part of it!

Please help support our Jump Rope for Heart event by encouraging your children to participate!

You can support your child’s success by assisting with the following:

Asking for donations through Pledge Envelope (which went home with your child earlier this week) or online donations.

Did you know, many kids raise twice as much when they fundraise online? Online fundraising makes it easy for students to safely ask people they know and trust for donations. It requires less administration for our school and for Heart & Stroke.

The funds we raise will support research, education and other Heart & Stroke initiatives that empower kids and families across Canada to protect their heart and brain health.

Our school can also earn HeartSmartTM Points that can be redeemed for valuable school resources including sports equipment, school supplies, electronics and more. We earn one point for every dollar raised, two points for every student who fundraises, plus two bonus points for every student who fundraises online.

All donations will be accepted until Friday, May 3rd, 2019.

Thank you in advance for your participation and support.



Mlle. Sroka, Ms. Huston and the St. Boniface Staff

A message from Woolwich Healthy Communities

If greening the Township, planting trees, hiking, going to a concert or learning about gut health speaks to you be would love for you to join us!!  Details are in the Woolwich Healthy Communities Newsletter attached. WHC newsletter 2019

Leave a green legacy by coming to the Kick Off of the Woolwich Greening Initiative on May 4th.   Hear the Local Vocals and the Breslau, Bloomingdale, Maryhill Band following Community Can Dine at Trinity United Church on Saturday, May 10th .

Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe, the presenter on Gut Health, was featured on the Nature of Things and has done a TEDx talk on the links between gut health and autism, depression, and health in general.  Join us on April 24th.  Everyone is welcome at no charge and there is no need to register.

If hiking is your passion join us to explore the trails in Woolwich Township.

Warm regards, Woolwich Healthy Communities

April Newsletter

Attached you will find the school newsletter for the month of April.  For the most up to date information, please see our school calendar.

April 2019