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World Autism Awareness Day – April 2nd

On Tuesday, April 2nd, St. Boniface school will be celebrating World Autism Awareness Day. All students, staff and visitors are encouraged to wear BLUE on this day in support of understanding and acceptance for people with Autism.  As an extra special treat, the Stoneman family will be bringing in blue cupcakes for all of our Panthers!

Please take a look at the ingredients listed here.  Please note that butter, milk and icing sugar will also be used.  If you do NOT want your child to have a cupcake, please write a note to their teacher and send an alternative snack. 😊

In addition to our sweet treats, the Stoneman family will be donating to each class a $10 gift card to Maryhill Market.  Children wearing blue will be entered into a raffle for their chance to win their class gift card!  Wear BLUE!!!

Look forward to seeing everyone’s support on Tuesday!

Parent Support Document for the School Improvement Plan 2018-2019

Our School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (SIPSA) is created annually and helps direct the learning agenda at St. Boniface Catholic elementary school. This plan aligns the achievement goals of the board, via the Multi-Year Strategic Plan and the Board Improvement Plan, with the goals of our specific school community. The SIPSA is posted on our school website. In order to help clarify this document for parents and community members, we have created a Parent / School Action Plan. This plan aims to provide specific direction and look-fors to engage parents, children and staff members in deep conversations around the learning agenda of our school. Please feel free to ask your child (children) about these learning objectives.

Parent Action plan

World Down Syndrome Day – Wear your Funky Socks!

All Panthers are encouraged to wear colourful, fun or mix-matched socks tomorrow Thursday, March 21st to celebrate our differences and raise awareness on World Down Syndrome Day.  Why? This is to show that people with Down’s syndrome are different but the same! None of us like feeling left out, people with Down’s syndrome are no exception. They want to be included, so reach out and get to know the person, not the condition. It is a chance to educate, advocate and support this awesome community!



School Climate Survey for Parents/Guardians

The WCDSB has a Ministry requirement to conduct a School Climate Survey every two years with students, staff and parents. We are asking that you please complete the parent survey between March 18th and April 5th, 2019.  It can be accessed through this link:

 Parent School Climate Survey

The focus of the survey is on bullying/harassment of students. At St. Boniface Catholic school, we focus on building a community that exemplifies the life of Jesus; standing up for one another, speaking out against injustice, caring for all and embracing others for who they truly are. Our students, staff, families, community members and Church connections all work in collaboration to assist in the building of skills and attitudes that reflect this belief.  We address issues of bullying/harassment through programs such as our Umbrella Project, Kelso’s Choices, Healthy and Safe Schoools, Mrs. Wagner’s working groups and work with Chaplain Shawn and Officer Dave.  Also, information related to our school’s code of conduct is included at the front of all student agendas. Although we formally raise awareness about prevention of bullying and harassment during the Ministry’s Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week every November, at St. Boniface CES, we always address bullying when it is reported and emphasize on a daily basis the importance of treating each other with respect.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey! We are aiming for every single family to complete this survey sooooo get online and have your voice heard 🙂

St. Boniface LogoYOU!

This month, our staff and students are practicing the Umbrella Skill of Autonomy. Autonomy is when you are able to make decisions for yourself and think carefully about the choices you make. For this, we say St. Boniface Logo YOU!

When you make decisions for yourself and independently consider all consequences, you are exerting your God-given gift of free will. Autonomy is not always easy however. It can be challenging to free yourself from the pressure of peers and make choices and decisions based on your values, morals and faith. Do you think it was always easy for Jesus? Remember that He chose to spend time with the sick, the poor, the unwanted and the “sinful”. That must have been difficult for Him at times and I am sure he was teased, mocked or even harassed because of it. This month, take the time to really focus on how to St. Boniface Logo YOU! Make tough decisions and don’t just go along with the popular choices. Stand up for friends! Speak out and defend others! Spend time making a positive difference even when your friends don’t agree or choose to be unkind.

Part of our journey this month is to highlight the many ways we can challenge unkind behavior here at St. Boniface. This is NOT an easy task and sometimes it may feel easier to avoid it, ignore it or even participate in it. But that is not what Jesus wants and that is not what we want here, at St. Boniface either. We want to partner with home, community and Church in order to raise children who are resilient, confident, kind and autonomous. Here are some great resources your family can access or talk about when demonstrating Autonomy :

  • Our Fully Alive program for Family Life
  • Our Umbrella project and the many skills and strategies we highlight to build confident and caring Christians.
  • Mr. Chrysler and our Kelso’s Choice protocol for all primary students
  • Mrs. Wagner and her group of fabulous changemakers
  • Our Faith in Action Team, WE team and Student Council team
  • Our Healthy and Safe Schools team which includes parents, educators, community members and will be adding a student voice 😊
  • Constable Dave, our School Resource Officer
  • Community partner speakers such as the John Howard society
  • Our Church partners such as Father Voisin, Mrs, Strickler and Deacon Shawn

All of these resources are part of our school life – part of what helps us to St. Boniface Logo YOU!   Autonomy might be just one of our monthly themes, but it is something that permeates all we do and are here at St Boniface Catholic School. Talk about it at home with your Panther. What can YOU do as a family to stand up, speak out and St. Boniface Logo YOU!


If you have any questions or want to become involved with any of the initiatives listed above, please give me a call at the school 😊

Marylin Dawson


March Newsletter

Attached you will find the school newsletter for the month of March.  For the most up to date information, please see our school calendar. march 2019


Lice Clinic of Canada – FREE in school screening on Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dear Panther families,

As you know, this time of year brings with it many ups and downs.  Hats, mitts and big winter coats keep us warm, but they also are wonderful transporters of lice.  We have had recent issues of lice in the school and are offering families a chance to have their child’s hair checked by the Lice Clinic of Canada.  On Thursday afternoon, March 7th, the clinic will be in to offer a free lice check to all students.  As always, you have the choice as to whether or not you wish to have your child screened for head lice.  All results will be confidential and sent home with your student in a sealed envelope.  Please go to School Cash Online by Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 11:59 pm and indicate whether or not your child will participate in this screening process. If you  have any questions at all, please feel free to contact the school office.

Marylin Dawson

Principal, St. Boniface School