The staff and students at St. Boniface would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Ms. Waechter and Ms Mckee, today on “Administrative Professionals ”. Behind every successful day at school – however you measure that success – is YOU. YOU are the face of our school! The first smile that our students and families see when they come to us.  YOU are the medical expert, giving ice, providing tissues and paper towels, handing out medication and inhalers.  YOU are the mental health experts, calming bodies, minds, and hearts with ease.  YOU are the ones that our students go to for everything they need; the ones that all staff go to for everything they need; and the ones that our Administrators go to for everything we need.  YOU are the one!

Today we recognize the sacrifices you make in your personal time, your family time and in your lives for the good of our school.  We recognize the dedication you have to this community, and we recognize the challenges that you deal with – with ease.

Today we recognize YOU and the impact that you have on our world. You keep us all going!

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